Human Resources

ISA & Partners is a strong believer in the greatest asset of all; the human mind. Throughout the course of our operations, the ISA & Partners philosophy and experience has affirmed our belief that with the right opportunity, any individual can excel in whichever field they wish to pursue.

ISA & Partners is thus committed in the development of all our staff by creating a working atmosphere in which our employees can achieve their full potential. We have in place a training and mentorship programme to continuously improve the skills levels and professionalism of our staff. This ensures that all who works at ISA & Partners are able to perform their duties diligently, thus enabling the firm to deliver a high quality of service to our clients.

ISA & Partners continues to ensure that with the rapid growth and expansion of the company across the country, historically disadvantaged individuals (HDI) and women in particular, are specifically supported for rapid advancement within the firm.

Beyond our existing staff, ISA & Partners has a Human Resources Development Programme that is inclusive, accommodating deserving HDI students by giving them a hand up through bursary schemes which will see HDI learners welcomed into the industry and nurtured with student training, mentorship and employment. ISA & Partners Consulting Engineers is furthermore actively involved in social upliftment programmes, committing part of its budget to these initiatives. These include teaching management skills to aspiring professionals in previously disadvantaged districts across the country in regions where we operate.

ISA & Partners recognizes that value added to communities and individuals is as essential to profit generated for the firm. We do not simply see our social responsibility as an afterthought in a competitive industry, but rather as an integral part of the relationship nurturing process built into the very fabric of our operations